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Neurovation Testimonial
Neurovation Testimonial
Neurovation Testimonial

Visiting Neurovation center is one of my sons favorite recreation/ activity. My Autistic son is been taking 2 sessions per week from last few years.  I have been noticing improvement in his focus levels and behavior. 

Clean Facility, experienced and friendly staff. Very thankful to Neurovation center for taking care of my son. I highly recommend👍👍

- Bhulu

We absolutely love the Neurovation Center! They have done such a fantastic job of providing wraparound services for my son!  

We came to the Neurovation Center looking for help with my son's inability to focus on his schoolwork at the recommendation of a friend. Through a series of tests for neurofeedback training, we discovered that my son actually had a form epilepsy for which he is now receiving treatment. 

There has been a huge improvement of my son's overall demeanor because of his neurofeedback training. It has resulted in a huge change in his ability to assess things, control his temper and reactions as well as focus better on schoolwork and other activities. 

In addition to neurofeedback, my son also receives individual counseling. This is to help strengthen the Neurofeedback response as well as help with growth and processing  in areas that are 'coming to life' as a result of the neurofeedback training. 

He is doing exceptionally well overall! I'm very thankful we found the Neurovation Center and often recommended them to friends!

- Sandy

Can I also add that the staff is amazing and make us feel very at home

My interest in understanding mental health led me to the Neurovation Center to explore how the brain works.  The desire to understand my brain activity and understand brain exercise increased with my Mother's dementia diagnoses.

I did not know or understand Neurofeedback (NFB).  The staff explained how NFB is a non-invasive treatment.  Karen and Christine shared their personal experience, which enlightened my way of viewing NFB.  NFB training is a process to understand brain activity.   The phrase "training is similar to the brain working at the gym" and one may be tired after the training which is similar to working out at the local gym.  After a couple of months, the brain and body will feel the improvement.  The detailed study showed areas of the brain the Center's staff needed to focus on with me.  The results of the training were apparent after a couple months of training, showing marked improvement.  My overall state of mind feels balanced, positive and more focused than ever.

It is important to me to improve my quality of life by exercise for my body and now I have a new brain exercise.  The study showed me areas of the brain I needed to improve which I had no idea unless I attended the Neurovation Center.

The state of the art brain training is useful and does not impair the day-to-day quality of life.  I recommend the training.

- Liz

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience during my son’s Neurofeedback sessions.

The staff is AMAZING. Everyone was so nice and friendly, that it became a therapeutic and relaxing  experience for both my son and I.

We have just finished out our 60 visits and my son and I would like to thank everyone from the front desk, billing person, all the wonderful techs and Jeff for taking such good care of my son from beginning to end.

You have an great team and everyone is happy to be there and it made the last 5 months go by so quick. We will miss seeing everyone but hope to be back in October 😊

Once again Thank you for all that you do!

- Mother of a 5 year old

The Neurovation Center has absolutely changed my life for the better. I have been regularly seeing Dr. Diana Mille and receiving both neurofeedback and EMDR. The chronic issues I was having have stabilized and my life is significantly more manageable. Everyone I have encountered at this facility has been nothing short of fantastic. Every single person from the owner Jeff Schutz to the technicians to the lovely people in the front office have been compassionate, supportive and kind. I know they are all rooting for my success and doing everything in their power to help me reach the goals I have on my path to wellness.

- Jen

The Neurovation Center offers a unique and comprehensive way to address many mental health and developmental needs. The staff are by far the most caring and invested individuals I have ever worked with. They are willing to go above and beyond to answer questions, give feedback and connect you to helpful resources as you work to enhance your ability to tackle any of life’s challenges.

- Raeann

The Neurovation Center in Newtown has been a blessing to our family this year. The owner and staff are committed, caring professionals. We’ve been going several times a week for almost a year and everyone has been gracious, patient, and a pleasure to work with…truly a pleasant, upbeat atmosphere. The décor is comfortable and inviting, not at all the sterile, clinical environment expected. The technicians were great at putting our kids at ease when we first started going for neurofeedback. One child had almost a 69% reduction in symptoms which is evident by social and academic changes. The other child had a 39% reduction after which therapy was recommended instead of additional NFB. We appreciated Jeff’s candor because we were willing to pursue additional NFB if it would have been beneficial. The therapy has been very helpful and we continue to see progress. Insurance wouldn’t cover NFB but it was undoubtedly the best investment of our resources this year. Thank you, Neurovation Center friends!

- Debbie, mom of 2 TNC clients

I learned about The Neurovation Center from another PTA mom at my kids' elementary school who said neurofeedback helped tremendously with her child's anxiety, attention deficit and executive functioning. My oldest child had the same struggles. Neurofeedback helped so much with my oldest child that I decided to try it. I noticed a difference after the first week. Suddenly, I was able to stay on task. I no longer got distracted (which had always led me to getting things half-done, which made my life disorganized and stressful). Another huge change I noticed from neurofeedback was that my anxiety (which I had lived with since I was a child) was completely gone! Best of all, my anxiety has never come back.

- Kaitlyn, client and mom of 2 daughters (both treated at TNC)

I had a great experience at [The Neurovation Center]! I had ADHD and had been taking medication for years prior to receiving Neurofeedback treatment here. In the end, I am off of my medication and no longer have the constant anxiety that I used to have and can actually eat "normal" (the meds made my appetite suppressed). I can now focus well for long periods of time at work without getting distracted. The Therapists/Counselors showed me a scan of my brain from the start of treatment to the end and there was a tremendous change for the better!! I am very thankful for the treatment I received - it was definitely worth it. I would highly recommend Neurofeedback treatment and/or counseling at [TNC] for anyone struggling with a mental health issue and wanting to potentially get off of their medication. I was off of my Vyvanse (ADHD meds) after 24 sessions (3 months) and did a total of 30 sessions.

- Jay

I highly recommend the Neurovation Center. Jeff and his employees are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My 10 year old son had high anxiety and social processing issues which manifested in huge emotional outbursts, depression and being bullied by his peers. After just a few neurofeedback sessions with Jeff and his team, my son was noticeably happier. After finishing his treatment, he has become a well adjusted, more confident boy and he began making a lot of friends! Now, he can handle stressful situations appropriately and seeks out social opportunities. Not only was this treatment extremely effective, but there was no medication involved and it allowed our son’s natural sweet personality to shine through. The Neurovation Center dramatically changed his life and our whole family dynamics for the better! I cannot thank them enough!

- Amy, mom of TNC client

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