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A better way of diagnossng

At The Neurovation Center, we take the time to evaluate deeply the concerns and challenges you are facing. In many cases, we find that a fresh set of eyes and a new way of thinking about mental health symptoms makes a big difference. Our assessment process, rooted in a unique and advanced analysis of brain activity, results in an understanding of your symptoms with extraordinary accuracy and specificity.

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QEEG Neuroanalysis: Technology that Advances Quality Healthcare

Your brain is the organ most directly linked to your thoughts, behaviors and decisions to act. Everything you sense and perceive is processed in your brain as electrical impulses, so it stands to reason that many of the symptoms associated with mental health concerns can be identified in the electrical rhythms of the brain. 

At TNC, we evaluate the characteristics of your brain's electrical functioning through a quantified analysis of your EEG (hence the Q in QEEG). It is simple, safe, easy, and non-invasive, giving us new, reliable and extraordinarily precise insights into the source and nature of your problem symptoms.

Enhancing the Resources of Other Professionals

TNC is a regional leader in QEEG neuroanalysis, able to help other healthcare providers benefit from this amazing and insightful tool. We are able to interact with and support medication prescribers, counseling therapists, doctors, school systems, and even other neurofeedback providers. 


Your neuroanalysis can provide helpful information for many of the professionals that you work with. We can assist by suggesting medication contra-indications, clarifying your diagnosis, distinguishing between “primary” and “derivative" symptom presentation, and assist with academic support plans.

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