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NeuroInnovation Consulting Services

NeuroInnovation Consulting Services makes the style and expertise of The Neurovation Center available to healthcare professionals in three areas:


Our Neuroanalysis Report is highly personalized and detailed, a “beyond the brain map” assessment of EEG features that includes one-on-one consultation time for those providing NFB services


We offer supervision training and mentoring for those seeking BCIA certification.


Jeffrey Schutz, TNC’s Owner and Executive Director, offers business consulting for healthcare professionals seeking to launch, integrate, grow or manage NFB in their practice.

Medical Information

Neuroanalysis Report and Support Services

“Neuroanalysis Beyond the Brain Map”

Understanding EEGs is a complex and highly technical skill. If you’re like most Clinicians coming into the neurofeedback field, you’re not an expert with reading EEGs. For this reason, we developed The QEEG+ Analysis – “Neuroanalysis Beyond the Brain Map” - that includes not merely quantitative data but a deeper dimension of qualitative analysis, provided by experienced QEEG Diplomates.

The data provided by typical Brain Map reports is quantified. As indispensable as these reports are, they fail to provide a thorough analysis that is able to identify many key features and characteristics that represent the core of each individual’s unique EEG profile. Only an experienced, trained EEG analyst can do this. Analysts provide the “qualitative” balance to what brainmaps lack.

brainmap sample image

Our analysts are BCIA Certified and QEEG Diplomate Status. Our Chief Neuroanalyst, Lindsay Higdon, was directly mentored by Jay Gunkelman, the “founding father“ of QEEG analysis, and she is the first person in Connecticut to achieve the QEEG-D status. Lynne Grande is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in addition to her expertise in QEEG. Together, they have performed thousands of EEG analyses. This means that every EEG you send us has been personally reviewed by some of the best in the field, and you can be certain that you will have a thorough and accurate report on your client.

Every report is hand-drafted by our analysts. Included with each written report, you receive:

Identification of key features and characteristics that define the “fingerprint” of your client’s EEG, including:

  • Paroxysmal features

  • Transients

  • Vigilance regulation problems

  • Phenotypology

  • Abnormalities in morphology

  • Potential medical referrals

Glossary of terms for all features and characteristics

A quantitative Brain Map report

Summary conclusion linking key symptoms to EEG presentations

Personalized protocol recommendations

And best of all, we offer what few others offer – a one-on-one review of the Report and consultation from experienced BCIA certified Clinician mentors. You don’t have to be an EEG expert when ours can help guide your treatment planning.

Contact us today to find out more about how the NeuroInnovation’s QEEG+ Analysis can raise your standard of excellence.


BCIA Certification Supervision and Mentoring

“From Learning About to Knowing How”

If you are looking to receive mentoring for BCIA certification, you’ll want to learn from supervisors that are experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and accessible; that are committed to a high standard of professional excellence; and who are devoted to seeing you flourish in this new and exciting direction for your career.

brain scan image

NeuroInnovation Consulting Services is uniquely qualified and committed to helping you become both a fully certified and fully capable BCN Clinician.

At The Neurovation Center, we have mentored about half of all BCNs certified in the State of Connecticut. We have pioneered a unique, multi-dimensional skills development approach designed to reinforce the BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge and meet mentoring requirements, all organized around building your “need to know” “hands-on” clinician skills.

We take you from learning about to knowing how.

While being mentored through NeuroInnovation Consulting Services, you have the unique opportunity to be immersed in the method, style and standards of The Neurovation Center – a state-of-the-art facility providing top-tier services using an innovative and ground-breaking model. You will have opportunities to be mentored by experts in clinical assessment and review, technical skills and EEG assessment.

If you’re not close enough to be mentored on-site, you can participate remotely via telehealth in one-on-one mentoring sessions and TNC Clinician meetings. We will train you remotely, and, if you get the chance, we can have you come here to observe in-person, on-site.

Areas of competence that will be developed include:

Technician skills proficiency, including everything about EEG acquisition and signal trouble-shooting.

Assessment and Treatment Conceptualization.

Basics of EEG analysis, including Introduction to EEG characteristics, features and phenotypes.

Case Progress Review.

Foundations for Integrating neurofeedback into mental healthcare

Understanding / Interpreting brain maps

Advanced techniques in z-Score applications

Protocol selection theory and praxis.

You can be sure we have the experience and expertise needed for a great mentoring experience.

And, once you complete your certification with us, you’ll know that you have the full support, friendship and encouragement of NeuroInnovation Consulting Services behind you.


Neurotherapy Business Consulting

Jeff Schutz

with Jeff Schutz
Owner and Executive Director

Are you excited about doing neurofeedback but overwhelmed by what it might take to get started?

Are you interested in adding neurofeedback to your existing counseling practice but are put off by high costs, unfielded questions, and need for training?

Are you currently running a neurofeedback practice and want to know how to troubleshoot problems, grow, or develop your business?

Are you worried that you don’t know enough to start? Or that it will take so long to learn that it doesn’t seem possible to use neurofeedback anytime in the near future?

I launched NeuroInnovation Consulting Services with you in mind. I’ve been there. When I started The Neurovation Center, I didn’t know anyone to help ask the right questions, make the tough decisions and avoid the major obstacles. Honestly, few had done what I was doing, and that learning curve was rough. But along the way, I learned what works and what doesn’t.

Pointing Pencil

I know how to help others establish themselves in this pioneering, incredible field quickly and easily, despite how dizzying and overwhelming it all seems. I started The Neurovation Center from scratch, on my own, and developed it to one of the largest neurofeedback providers in the Northeast. I’ve trained many Clinicians – about half of every BCN in the State of Connecticut.

It can take years to get a neurofeedback business up and running. During those years, most clinicians are having to learn and figure things out on their own, and the quality and consistency of performance during that time is frequently not all that good (to be honest!)

With our support, I can prepare you to be a fully operational, independent practice that has the security of knowing the experience and expertise of NeuroInnovation Consulting Services is behind you, helping you move forward with confidence and excellence. Depending on you, your availability and your motivation to start, I can have you up and running at a high level of performance within a matter of months, not years.

Among the things I consult business owners on:

Starting a Neurofeedback Practice

How should I form my business? What do I need to do and know to get going? What is/are my Model, Mission and Values? What are my anticipated start-up costs? How long will it take?

Integrating Neurofeedback and Counseling

How do these modalities interface in treatment? How do I adapt intake documents to account for neurofeedback? How do I generate treatment plans?

Facility Design

How do I design a facility for neurofeedback? How do I intend to configure my rooms? Have I considered the look and feel of my facility? What do I need to do to wire and integrate all the technology?

Neurofeedback Systems

What are my hardware and software needs? Where do I get them, and how do I know which system to purchase? What are the risks and benefits of remote training vs. in-house training?

Service Structure

What services will I offer, and how do I set pricing? Can I accept Insurance – and how?

Staffing considerations

How to hire, train and manage neurofeedback employees; Should I use Technicians, and if so, how? What qualities do I need to look for when hiring neurofeedback employees, and where can I find them?

Growth and Development

How large do I intend to grow? What internal systems do I need in place to grow well while providing excellent neurofeedback services? What are the stages of development for a neurofeedback business? What are the obstacles to success with neurofeedback?

Advertising and Promoting

What are the best options for advertising? How do I promote my services? How can I formulate an effective “elevator pitch” on something like neurofeedback? How do I connect with other professionals?


If you’ve got a problem or feel stuck, just give me a call!

If you’re looking for advice on how to launch your neurotherapy business forward, I’d love to help. NeuroInnovation Consulting Services are behind you to encourage, guide and support your neurotherapy business goals.

Anyone looking for Business Consulting is invited to call me directly: 203-482-5464. (That’s my personal cell phone.)

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