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Purpose and Values

At The Neurovation Center, we seek to be a catalyst for change when people get stuck. The services we provide are oriented around catalyzing actual and enduring change—changes that improve lives, reduce relationship stress, and enhance professional / academic performance. We provide actual and lasting changes, refusing the usual drawn-out, superficial standard of a ‘just cope with it’ mentality.

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Our Mission

To integrate top-tier neurofeedback and counseling care services, as a leading provider that sets the standard for reaching the most people with the best quality care and the lowest cost.

Core Values


The delightful realization that positive change is not mere well-wishing but a very real and likely part of my future.


The professional standard of care I receive should result in actual symptom improvement, demonstrable personal growth, and a healthier me overall.


The completion of my treatment should set me on a level playing field that now allows me to find and live the kind of life I have always wanted.

Giving Back

TNC is devoted to helping those most desperately in need of hope and healing worldwide. We donate 1% of all revenue (not profit!) every month to one of these organizations: 


Floating hospitals that anchor at the world's poorest ports and provides free, life-changing healthcare / surgical services

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Devoted to ending human trafficking worldwide

Providing food relief, water, and economic development to the poorest of the poor worldwide

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