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It might seem a little funny to talk about our Facility, but The Neurovation Center is a unique and special kind of place. It may not look like much from the outside, but the inside is one-of-a-kind.TNC is designed around the playful formula of “one part neurofeedback tech, one part counseling care, and a dash of Disney fun.” We want your time with us to be surprisingly delightful.

TNC is one of the few facilities designed start-to-finish for professional grade neurofeedback treatment.

It is technologically advanced, with six neurofeedback treatment bays, a research-grade QEEG acquisition room, and an eighth room for overload sessions. Each client can expect a private and comfortable training room staffed by professional technicians and overseen by a licensed “NFB Floor” Clinician. Our clients (and their EEGs) are constantly monitored, and any assistance you may need is merely the touch of a button away.

Therapy room at The neurovation center

As an integrated mental healthcare center, TNC also houses multiple (6+) private therapy rooms; a multi-purpose room for small groups, presentations and training; and an administrative center to assist you with all aspects of scheduling, billing, and insurance. 


TNC’s large welcoming waiting area is a spacious, pleasant, and themed-environment. Parents are invited to relax, read or watch TV in comfortable chairs while you wait for your child’s NFB session to be finished.

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