What We Treat


At The Neurovation Center, we seek to be a catalyst for change when people get stuck. The services we provide are oriented around change—a change that improves lives and reduces relationship stress. We provide lasting changes without drawn-out, open-ended commitments.

Our services are for people of all ages and circumstances and include the full range of mental health disorders, relational challenges, life transitions, trauma recovery, and grief and loss.

Many of our clients try multiple forms of therapy and/or medications. They often feel as if these treatments have little, if any, effect. They know their issues are not being addressed. They know talking alone isn’t reaching the deeper cause of their distress, and medication is only masking symptoms enough to function.

We’re guessing you can relate. We’re here for people like you.

The Neurovation Center’s unique approach using QEEG-driven neurofeedback is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. We are able not only to diagnose the neurological causes of your issues, we can also heal it. In most cases, you can significantly reduce or discontinue your use of medication.

A Better Way of Diagnosing

At The Neurovation Center, we specialize in state-of-the-art assessment of mental health disorders, resulting in an unparalleled accuracy and specificity of diagnostic analysis. We don’t just evaluate your symptoms and give them a name – we find where your symptoms reside in how your brain functions on an electrical level. We can actually “see” your anxiety or depression or ADHD in how your brain regulates its electrical activity. We can understand your symptoms and the challenges you face in a whole new way – and you will, too!

Just think – for the first time in over a hundred years since the field of mental health began, we can assess your brain, the organ responsible for distressing behaviors and symptoms. The Neurovation Center provides world-class analysis on the cutting edge of diagnostic assessment. We are leading the way to a better way of diagnosing mental health disorders.

A Better Way of Doing Mental Health

  • QEEG-guided neurofeedback, specifically designed to address the dysregulated electrical patterns at the root of your symptoms

  • Individual Therapy, using the right treatment models with one of our experienced, friendly therapists
  • Couple or family counseling, with therapists specifically trained to generate change in your most frustrating and rigid relationship dynamics

  • Trauma treatment, with highly certified trauma specialists trained to help you process and heal from the triggers that sabotage your ability to live your life on your own terms
  • Mindfulness and coping skills development
  • Group sessions, with other people struggling to cope with the same circumstances and challenges as you

Combined with our Phoenix Assessment © process, we will generate a picture of your mental health issues encompassing the whole of who you are and what you’ve experienced in life.

We will meet with you to discover exactly what issues you are struggling with and what would make the investment of your time with us truly worthwhile. We will match you with just the right treatment options and just the right therapist for you.

The result is a Treatment Plan that is personalized to you, your issues and your needs. We select from a diverse range of the best the mental health field has to offer for your treatment, including:

At the Neurovation Center, we refuse to engage in “therapy as usual.” We believe that everyone needs a sense of hope, a promise that things can and will get better. We know that you want to heal. We are devoted to helping you be able to live life fully, having a deep and abiding sense of relational wholeness.

Our Goal is to target the root problems using the most effective treatments available. We strive to do this economically, in as short a time as possible with the least drain on your financial resources. When you leave the Neurovation Center, we strive to be the place that was worth coming to, because you don’t need us anymore and you’ve healed from your mental health diagnosis.

And if you ever do need us again, we want you to know that those of us at The Neurovation Center will always be here for you.

If you know your condition or would like to know more about the conditions we treat, click on the name of the disorder below and find out how we can help you.