Trauma Therapy / EMDR

Trauma Therapy EMDR

The Neurovation Center is pleased to offer some of the most advanced, evidence-based trauma treatment techniques anywhere. We have developed an integrative approach unlike any other, with exceptional results.


The Neurovation Center treats trauma on multiple levels by combining QEEG-guided Neurofeedback, EMDR and several other methods proven to be effective. This approach is hailed by leading trauma experts as the future of trauma treatment, and The Neurovation Center is pioneering its use. We have applied this innovative model extensively, with exceptional results. Our highly trained staff has presented on this model both nationally and internationally and is recognized as a regional leader in trauma treatment.

Superior Expertise

The Staff of The Neurovation Center has worked with a wide range of trauma victims, from individuals experiencing physical, sexual and emotional abuse; to victims of rape and incest; to combat veterans; to those who struggle to experience human connection because of insecure attachment issues.

We stand with Newtown, Connecticut to serve as a resource of hope and healing in the shadows of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

What is EMDR?

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a type of integrative psychotherapy used to treat symptoms of trauma. It uses a client’s own rapid, rhythmic eye movements to diminish the power of emotional memories of traumatic events.

The American Psychiatric Association recognizes EMDR as an effective treatment for symptoms of acute and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.

Learn more about what EMDR is and how it works.

How We Use EMDR

The Neurovation Center specializes in trauma treatment. At the core of our ground-breaking technique is the integration of QEEG-guided neurofeedback and EMDR. This process is augmented with other powerful intervention techniques, including Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment Modalities, and Family Systems theory.

We have applied this innovative model extensively, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Our staff has presented both nationally and internationally on using NFB and EMDR together, and this model is the focus of a research project at The Neurovation Center.