QEEG Analysis

QEEG Analysis


The Quantitative EEG (QEEG) is a rapidly developing analysis tool used to evaluate a wide range of brain-based problems. Unlike other analysis tools like CAT and PET scans or MRI’s that focus on imaging the structure of the brain, the QEEG analyzes the functioning of the brain’s electrical activity. This information provides unprecedented insight into mental health disorders and even brain injuries. QEEGs are revolutionizing the way we diagnose mental health disorders.

QEEGs are quick, safe and easy! It only takes about an hour to record your brain’s activity. We place a cap on your head and record for 5-10 minutes, once with your eyes open and again with eyes closed. This gives us a “baseline” for how your brain functions.

QEEGs at The Neurovation Center are reviewed by world-class analysts, on site. Our certified, licensed clinical staff will also review levant history from a mental health perspective, and (about a week later) we review the results and treatment options with you.

How is it used?

  • To Diagnose a Mental Health Disorder with unparalleled clarity and accuracy
  • To Identify the Source and Nature of Problem Symptoms that don’t make sense otherwise
  • To Guide NFB Treatment for personalized, efficient training
  • To Inform Medication Recommendations by removing the uncertainty about what meds will work
  • To Evaluate Head Traumas that won’t show up through any other test

We provide QEEG acquisition and analysis services for a wide range of medical and mental health professionals.

  • Medication prescribers: the identification of EEG features can guide medication selections with high accuracy. A person’s EEG indicates which specific medication class they are likely to respond to. Rather than prescribing based on diagnosis or symptoms, medications can be prescribed based on a person’s physiology. Certain EEG features are also associated with medication failure. That is, people with certain EEG characteristics frequently report no effect or significant side-effects from medications commonly prescribed to treat their presenting problem. QEEG analysis can rule out the presence of these features prior to prescribing.
  • Sports Programs, Coaches and Athletes: QEEGs can establish a baseline for assessing possible future TBIs or concussions. The evaluation of a QEEG after a head trauma can also guide in the selection of neurofeedback protocols as neurofeedback is the only available treatment for post-concussion syndrome.
  • Neurofeedback providers: the Neurovation Center provides world-class QEEG analysis. Our analyses are done by experienced QEEG-D’s and BCN’s. Our analysis is detailed and highly personalized. We provide a full written report with visuals to share with your patients, and individualized QEEG-guided neurofeedback protocols. Each analysis also includes a 15-minute consult with one of our QEEG analysts. With an efficient turn-around time, our service is easy to use – you acquire the EEG, upload the file to our website, and we analyze the data. Our QEEG analyses are guaranteed to enhance the professionalism of your services.
  • Counselors and therapists: for the patients you have a hard time diagnosing and understanding their symptoms, QEEG analysis can provide vital insight into the functioning of their brains, rule out medical abnormalities and guide you in treatment planning.