Professional Training & Mentoring

Professional Training Mentoring

Professional Training & Mentoring

QEEG-guided neurofeedback is an exciting and rapidly developing field. The Neurovation Center is growing to become a regional resource for the growth and development of neurofeedback professionals.

Whether you are a mental health provider who wants to be on the cutting edge of treatment, a college graduate with a passion for neuroscience, or a “second-career seeker” looking for a new vocation that is challenging and rewarding, The Neurovation Center can set you on the path to excellence in the neurofeedback world.

Professional Training and Mentoring at The Neurovation Center includes:

  1. Mentorship for those pursuing BCIA Board certification for neurofeedback or QEEG Diplomate certification
  2. Training Courses, both for BCIA Certification and advanced, hands-on courses you won’t find anywhere else (Beginning September 2017)
  3. Local, National and International seminars for professionals
  4. Informational sessions for local healthcare providers and educators
  5. Monthly Open Forum presentations to the community on various topics (Beginning September 2017)

If you are interested in any of these educational opportunities, contact us!