Premium Memberships

Bundle Our Services and Save!

New for 2020! Our All-inclusive Premium Membership Plans guarantee you weekly neurofeedback sessions at steeply discounted prices, along with some amazing additional benefits!

Membership Program Benefits:

Q Perk: Membership plans include all the QEEG Analysis and Progress Reviews at no additional cost.

Guaranteed Counseling Rate: Members receive a guaranteed discounted rate for counseling, regardless of whether insurance covers the sessions.

Vacation Accommodation Perk:

Never worry about missing neurofeedback sessions due to a vacation! Members can schedule additional sessions in the week before or after your time away.

Family Perk:Family members of a member (parents, siblings or children) living in the member’s household receive $150.00 off the out-of-pocket expenses for their Phoenix Intake.

Twilight Perk: If you are looking to wrap-up treatment with a few extra sessions, wrap-up sessions are guaranteed our lowest rate.

Lifetime Perks:Need to come back to treatment? Members who need to continue treatment at a later time will receive a 25% on intake and assessment fees.

For more information, call the The Neurovation Center Office. We’d love for you to schedule a FREE Initial Consult, where you can meet one-on-one with a Clinical Staff member. During this one-hour appointment, you can tell us about your interest and reasons for coming, learn more about neurofeedback and treatment process, tour our state-of-the-art facility, and meet with our business administrators to answer all of your insurance and financial questions.

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