Peak Performance Training

Peak Performance Training


What if “the zone” became your normal functioning state while at work or during a game or performance? Training to optimize brain functioning in the zone is called Peak Performance. Neurofeedback peak performance training gives you that over the top edge for the skills and activities in which you want to excel.

WHO benefits from Peak Performance Training?

WHY Olympic Medalists, NASA, Navy Seals, and Professional Athletes use Peak Performance Training

Middle Aged Individuals – Increase your energy, sharpen your focus and improve your memory. Feel like your brain is 25 again.

Athletes – Enhance your athletic potential, improve mental balance, concentration, and brain/body harmony, to increase reaction speed and perform better while under pressure.

Musicians – Improve your musical memory, sharpen your focus, and enhance your intuitive engagement with music for overall optimum performance skills.

Workers/Students – Multi-task better, improve attention, replenish creativity, and fortify memory while at the workplace or in the classroom.

Professional Traning and Mentoring

The Neurovation Center is a resource for professionals seeking to learn more about neurofeedback. We provide neurofeedback training courses and hands- on mentoring for those pursuing neurofeedback and QEEG certifications. We provide world-class QEEG analysis for neurofeedback providers and medical Professionals.

Why Study Neurofeedback?

Whether you are a mental health provider who wants to be on the cutting edge of treatment, a college graduate with a passion for neuroscience, or a “second-career seeker” looking  for a new vocation that is challenging and rewarding, The Neurovation Center can set you on the path to excellence in the neurofeedback world.