Counseling You Can Trust

The Neurovation Center offers a wide range of counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Our experienced, licensed therapists structure each session to address your specific needs and goals.

Individual Counseling

Individual Therapy is a one-on-one, collaborative endeavor designed around personal goals, concerns and needs. From unhealthy relationships, to anxiety or depression, to personal enrichment, to discovering ways to cope with life stressors.

Couples Counseling

Couple Therapy focuses on cultivating or restoring marital health and satisfaction. Couples may identify and address key areas of frustration and impasse that prevent each partner from experiencing intimacy.

Family Counseling

Family Therapy is for parents and children, often to address behavioral problems, lack of parent/child connectedness, ineffectual discipline, and/or conflict between parents concerning childrearing. Goals include improved communication, effective parenting, co-creating the best environment for a child’s welfare, and healthy growth through life.

A Growing Concern

A child with a neurodevelopmental disorder faces a multitude of challenges that negatively impacts performance and social functioning at home, at school and, ultimately, throughout life. Further complications often arise, including problems with low self-esteem / high self-loathing; anxiety, depression or mood disorders; lack of intimacy / relational distress; and the persistent experience of failure, frustration or shame. Left untreated, children are highly unlikely to grow out of a neurodevelopmental disorder, and most adults merely learn to cope, not heal.

Neurodevelopmental Disorder Diagnoses include

  • Pervasive Development Disorders
    Aypical Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome
  • ADHD
    Inattentive, Impulsive/Hyperactive, Mixed Types
  • Socialization Disorders
    Social Anxiety, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional/Defiant Disorder
  • Learning Disorders
    Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder

A New Hope

The Neurovation Center has an outstanding record of helping children – and adults – find relief and healing from the challenges of a neurodevelopmental disorder. By using QEEG analysis and neurofeedback (NFB), we gain unprecedented insights into the nature and source of symptoms. NFB has a remarkable track- ecord in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

NFB is rated as a #1 Best Treatment for ADHD by the APA.
It is the #1 option that does not include the use of prescription medication.